Media Goals

Communication training designed especially for you

Who are the sports people who most inspire the community?  The clubs that engender the most passionate fans who turn out in droves?  On-field performance alone doesn’t cut it, does it?  An athlete’s ability to connect with supporters, the media and sponsors directly impacts the success of the individual, the team and the organisation.


The ability to communicate well is crucial to the athlete’s personal development, their image and life after sport.  More broadly, it translates into positive publicity for the club, tangible engagement from fans and sponsors and the long-term growth and success of the code.

What we do

We know sport.  It’s both our business and our pleasure.  And we’ll help your team, your club, your athlete find their mojo when it comes to communicating with the media, sponsors and fans.


If you’re a sportsperson, we’ll give you the skills to feel as confident off the field as you do on it.


We’ll help you find your voice – and use it well.

Helping athletes develop skills that will serve them well, long after they hang up the boots!

Our Services

Media Goals

We’ll help you, and your team mates, nail your next press commitment, or sponsor’s engagement.  We’ll help you make headlines for all the right reasons.


Whether you’re fronting a hungry press pack, faced with a room full of corporate supporters, or front and centre at your club’s fan day, we’ll help develop your communication and networking skills online and off it.


Keen on making the transition from athlete to expert?  We’ll talk you through the art of sideline commentary and how you can share your specialist knowledge with a wider audience.

About Us

We love sport and the passionate people that are involved in it.  We love sharing their stories and helping athletes find their own voice.  We want other Aussies to fall in love with sport, just as we have, and we know how important sports people are in making that happen.

Niav Owens

Niav Owens

Niav Owens has been talking sport on the TV and radio for more than a decade. Working for both Fox Sports News and the ABC, Niav loves the fast-paced environment of live news. She also works as a corporate MC, hosts awards ceremonies, and waxes lyrical on the sideline of games. With both a Communication and a Law degree, Niav is a young (ish!), sports-mad female, who connects with athletes on their level, to help build their confidence and ability to express themselves.

Scott Rollinson

Scott Rollinson has worked across television, radio and online platforms right across Australia, and holds a Journalism degree as well as a Masters in Business Administration (majoring in sports management). Scott trains and sound-checks media professionals, and has hosted numerous radio and television sports programs live-to-air. Scott’s most memorable work moment so far, was covering the Open Championship at St Andrews for ABC Radio and Online and interviewing the great Arnold Palmer.